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Johnsgard Construction’s number one mission is to provide all of their clients with the most consistent, and professional customer service in the drywall industry. Johnsgard Construction strives to understand customers’ needs and to meet them with unsurpassed quality in their craftsmanship and process. Johnsgard Construction is committed to conducting a cohesive partnership with their customers in order to achieve the highest merit in design and product. Johnsgard Construction of Eugene, Oregon, is determined to exceed industry standards.

At Johnsgard Construction

For Johnsgard Construction, customer satisfaction is the number one goal for all of our employees. From the very first consultation, to the final discussion upon the project’s completion, we will work with you every step of the way, closely and attentively.

We will give you the best advice on how to undertake your project, while working within your budget. As a result of our superior customer service, a large amount of our business is repeat.

We’re highly experienced in serving the greater Eugene area! We obtain over 20 years experience in installing/repairing drywall, and providing any sheetrock projects associated with drywall.

All of our employees are licensed and insured to protect your investment in your project. They all specialize in drywall installation.  Throughout the entirety of any project, they always show up on time, stay on budget and keep the workspace clean.  They are extremely thorough and organized.

We are extremely qualified to do any drywall project from start to finish, as well as we are able jump in and take over at any phase in the project. We have vast experience in both residential and commercial endeavors.

For additional information on the large variety of services we provide, contact us today! We would love to talk to you about your project, regardless of the size or budget you have.


Safety is of the upmost importance. We all take pride in our work and take each project very seriously. Our employees are trained on our safety procedures, which are firmly enforced.

Quality workmanship is something that we expect and accept nothing short of the highest standards in the industry. The following are steps taken to ensure you receive top quality results:

  • To avoid excess joints and settlement cracking, picture frame styling of sheetrock application is used whenever possible.
  • To prevent humps, dips and bows, we have hanging crews to assist in power planning and butt stripping.
  • To reduce the potential of humped joints, butt boards are used in highly lighted areas. This creates the recessed edge effect at the butt joints.
  • If the hanging does not meet our standards, we will repair it before taping begins.
  • Non-recessed, seismic strapping is cut out, packed with hot mud and then taped and finished.
  • An anti-bowing system is used when finishing tub and shower locations.
  • To ensure an overall quality, all taping is walked after PVA to correct any defects, prior to texturing.

Scheduling and working around/with your schedule is very important to us. We know you may have other deliveries and trades dependent on our completion of a project. We also know that any deviation in the planned schedule may cause setbacks in your ability to move on in the project. We want you to know that we will do everything in our power to stay on schedule and are willing to help you concentrate your resources.

Competitive pricing is an essential key to us. We maintain very reasonable prices for the work we provide. We are dedicated to using the highest quality of product that is conducive with your budget.